Content Management Systems


ExpressionEngine is a content management system designed for online publications and social networking. I am well versed in how to take what ExpressionEngine has to offer and build pixel-perfect, customized sites to meet and surpass my clients' needs. Below are a few ExpressionEngine sites I have worked on.

Check out the official ExpressionEngine site.

Word Press

Word Press is a very popular blogging tool because it's free and relatively easy for the blogger to use. As with any content management system though, it's best to have a professional who is familiar with the system do any customizations including adding a custom look and feel to the site. The following is a site I've worked on using Word Press.

Check out the official WordPress site.

Social Engine

Social Engine is a content management system which combines many features of some of the most popular social networking sites into one place, allowing you to create your own social network. Here are some sites where I've done the front end development using Social Engine.

Check out the official Social Engine site.


Magento is an ecommerce platform with an excellent shopping cart system and great potential for customization. I'm currently working on building a site in Magento, so I will post a link to it once it's launched.

Check out the official Magento site.