PHP, MySQL and working in a LAMP environment

Facebook Studio

Facebook Studio is a B-to-B site for advertising agencies to check out the great work that other agencies have created using Facebook's peer-to-peer tools. This site was commissioned by Facebook as part of an initiative to showcase their tools and boost advertising.

The site is built using Yii, a PHP-based Model View Controller (MVC) platform.


TheMML, short for "Mobile Master List" is a Social Engine-based web site which serves as a community portal to the electronic music industry. Some of its features include an industry database, podcast and DJ mix downloads, industry news, and event listings.

Liz Luxenberg Lee's role on this site is to go in and clean up after the developers every time a new feature is added. Liz worked together with the main developer to design the user interface and create the overall look and feel of the site. It is currently a work in progress and is by no means finished, but it is an example of Liz's ability to work in a LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) environment which includes AJAX and Subversion. She also created their HTML email newsletter.

Languages and software: PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML, CSS, Subversion, Social Engine code base.

OmGym Employee Intranet

This is a system Liz Luxenberg Lee developed for OmGym employees to use to manage their distributor accounts. Once an application is submitted, the employee can accept or deny it using this online interface. Other features include search, adding and editing information, and sending confirmation emails to newly authorized distributors.